Transportation what? I know, I know… it is a totally boring subject right? Unless you have an engineering background like me šŸ˜‰ I likeĀ taking photos of cars, aircraft and boats, they can be interesting orĀ boring – all depends on the photographer. I choose to make each shoot special. Since I can’t ask the object to pose for me, I have to use my knowledge and skills to present it on the photo in the best possible way. Sometimes it is the detail that catches my eye, sometimes the moment.

Photography is an art of capturing moment. Whatever is happening in front of the camera can be recorded on one single frame. Unlike the film that can tell the story by showing many frames, the photographer can use only one shoot and tell the whole story with it. SurelyĀ thisĀ is a challenge… For moving objects I have to pick a quick shutterspeed, to get a sharp image, or slower to make the object look blurred. Both effects you can see in my Transportation Gallery.

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