To Give a Game! Ludum Dare 34 – Hackathon Seattle

Ludum Dare (LD) (from Latin “to give a game” and also referenced the Jam) is an accelerated video game development competition. It was founded by Geoff Howland and was first held in April 2002. Participants are required to create a video game that fits within a given theme in just two days. Currently, Ludum Dare is held three times a year. Ludum Dare 34 was held 11 December 2015 and a 72 hour timespan was given. A unique feature of this competition is that participants often release a time-lapse video of the development of their game.

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All game code and content must be created during the competition and by a single person, and source code is encouraged to be included. At the end of the competition participants are given three weeks to play and rate other submitted games to determine the winners.  There are no physical or cash prizes, but each participant retains full ownership of their game — some have achieved financial success after developing their initial submission. Since 2011 the competition has seen significant annual increases in numbers of game submissions, partly owing to the public awareness of Minecraft designer Markus Persson, who has participated seven times. The nice side of Ludum Dare 34 Hackathon Seattle is that attendees with and without experience in making games, collaborate and make it happen. It is a fun challenge for all involved, the event serves as an educational moment to learn how to work with deadlines, learn and to collaborate. Part of the event is as well idea brainstorming, team building and jump starting making games.