Stout’s Tina Randolph Mural gets to see the light in Seattle

Stout, a new trendy beer-focused restaurant in Seattle’s vibrant neighborhood Capitol Hill, opened its doors last week. The highlight of the place is a decorative mural designed by Tina Randolph, a renowned artist in the greater Seattle area, who also decorated Sun Liquor, Sun Liquor Distillery and Tavern Law with stunning murals. The bar Stout, a $1 million buildout, was designed by Chin-Ley/Reche Associates, who also collaborated on Tap House Grill, teamed up with the local artist to create art for this new and unique bar in Seattle.

The mural Tina Randolph Studio created for Stout is inspired by the Russian constructivism style, which came into swing after the first world war in 1919. The artwork features an industrial landscape with a factory at the horizon with dominant smoking chimneys and workers lifting up beer glasses to celebrate a successful working day. The artwork is mounted above the vast main bar and symbolically pays a tribute to the neighborhood’s industrial past. The mural material used is Venetian plaster applied on wooden panels.

Shuttereyeimages was commissioned for the behind the scene photography by Strobel Productions and Tina Randolph Studio with the goal to capture and to visualize 3 factory workers at the studio who were then photographed as a reference for the artist to create that distinctive constructivism style and look. The styling and concept of this collaboration was handled by Strobel Productions.

During the making of the mural, several behind the scene photos were made to document the creative process. Today you can get a glimpse of what happened behind the scene at the Tina Randolph Studio and see the finished artwork at Stout in Capitol Hill district, Seattle.

Tina Randolph is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, Washington. She creates compelling environments and artwork for clients and collectors in public and private spaces and collections. Randolph’s work has contributed immeasurably to the vibrant art and design movement in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Her architectural plaster and cement finishes and large scale murals enliven the areas most intriguing restaurants and bars. Numerous solo shows as well as private commissions have given collectors access to mixed media painting throughout her 25 year career.

More art work of Tina Randolph: Tina Randolph Studio


The behind the scene photo series of the making of Tina Randolph mural at Stout, Capitol Hill Seattle, Washington.

Photos courtesy of: Shuttereyeimages © All rights reserved 2015

Finished mural artwork mounted and on display at Stout Seattle, Capitol Hill at grand opening.

Photos courtesy of: Alex Garland Photography & © Shuttereyeimages All rights reserved 2015

About Russian constructivism art style:
The term construction art was first coined by Kasmir Malevich (Russian painter) in reference to the work of Aleksander Rodchenko. Graphic Design in the constructivism movement ranged from the production of product packaging to logos, posters, book covers and advertisements. Constructivsm is a movement with origins in Russia, Constructivism was primarily an art and architectural movement. It rejected the idea of art for arts’ sake and the traditional bourgeois class of society to which previous art had been catered. Instead it favored art as a practice directed towards social change or that would serve a social purpose. Developing after World War I, the movement sought to push people to rebuild society in a Utopian model rather than the one that had led to the war.

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Mural Design: Tina Randolph Studio
Models: Naomi Johnson-Moore, Cory Dilg, Brayden Letwin
Director/Stylist: Strobel Productions
Construction Mural Panels: C. Johnson
Assistant Stylist: Desiree Diaz

Behind the scene video of Stout, here you can see the preparation of the fixtures for the mural of Tina Randolph.

Photos courtesy of: Shuttereyeimages © All rights reserved 2015 – No use of these images without the written permission of Shuttereyeimages. See copyrights information at this webpage.