Shuttereyeimages submitted in total 10 photos for the 35th Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015 and all ten passed the first round of the selection process 😉 .

The Nikon Photo Contest is an event that exists since the 1969 and is a forum that brings together people with a passion for the image and an active commitment to bettering their art. Here, photographers of all sorts can acknowledge each other, be stimulated by diverse points of view, thrive through competition, and make the culture of the image more familiar.

Among other photos, ShuttereyeImages submitted a pictorial of five photos for the theme “Home”.

Home. It’s a place. It’s a feeling. It’s where and how you live. It’s what you value, no matter where you are. Nikon recognizes that home is at the heart of everything. This year’s contest asked photographers to show Nikon what home means to the image maker. Shuttereyeimages found a great location, called “home” and captured what home means to certain people in their daily life. A day starts with waking up, the early sun rays enter the house, a breakfast with a nice cup of coffee, feeding the chicken, playing guitar and writing music everyone can join, arriving late is not an issue when friends have jam-session, a cozy get together in the afternoon with some yoga stretching and late at night at the Spartan Mansion the Beggars Banquet starts to roll.

Hereby you can view the entry for the theme ‘Home’, called “Spartan Mansion – a tribute to Jan Steen’s dissolute household”, which can now be viewed for the very first time.
See contest entry here: The Spartan Mansion – a tribute to Jan Steen

Special credits go to Stylist/Director: Sheila Strobel Productions

Shuttereyeimages Nikon Photo Contest