Being part of the Miami workshop at Shoot the Centerfold was truly a great experience. The event brought masters of photography – Jarmo PohajniemiByron NewmanRic Moore and Ales Bravnicar with many professional international photographers to work together and learn from each other.

Three days of intensive workshops, lectures, photo reviews and of course photo shoots left me with great knowledge, thousands of photos and an extensive professional network of fellow photographers from around the world.

Today, I would like to share with you some photos from behind the scene. You will have a sneak peek into the photo shoot sessions. To get that one perfect shoot, you need help and assistance of many people – models, make-up artist, hair dressers. You have to think about light, exposure, direct the model and constantly adjust the settings of the camera. But the effort and result is simply worth it.

Check the gallery below to see how the best shots are done, and stay tuned for the result of the sessions. I will be soon presenting the best photos for each model I had pleasure to work with. Enjoy!

Some photos courtesy of