Ales Bravnicar shoot this cover featuring Neza Marolt for Slovenian Playboy during Shoot The Centerfold seminar in Miami. The June edition of the Slovenian Playboy magazine is out and if you can’t get hold of it, you can simply check out the images below.

I had a pleasure working with Ales and Neza at this session and today I am publishing the photos I took of Neza, together with some shoots of the session itself.

Those are the raw photos taken with natural light. Neza is a lovely girl and fun to work with, so I decided to show you her beauty ‘au naturel’.

Below you can see the photo shoot scenes – both the outside and the bedroom one – the set up, lightning and many people’s joint effort to make this Playboy session. The photos taken outside made to the cover, the rest illustrated the 12 pages of Neza Marolt’s ‘American dream’ story.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, if so, please give me your comments in the box below. Thanks!


Check out Neza’s American dream pictorial in Slovanian Playboy.

Photos courtesy of Shoot The Centerfold

The session took place in Photopia Studio in Miami, location that has been providing professional photography facilities for over 10 years. Miami complex has two fully equipped studios along with three different sized cottages, eight terraces, a Caribbean beach setting, an upper deck and tree house.