Had the pleasure to work with Lucie, a very talented model from the Czech Republic. The photoshoot was set up together with the mood-board concept to create a sexy, stylish and classy photoshoot at an authentic indoors location. For the glamour photoshoot setup I used a very simple lighting diagram to make this glamour scene work. The setup consists out of 2 strobes to generate a certain “cross lighting” and one strobe strategically placed. In this set up I am not much concerned about shadows as shadows add dynamics to the scene. To see the uncensored black and white version of the photo you can visit the following link below. The photos here are the un-edited “raw” files from the camera. So if you have your light set-up right, a good make-up artist and stylist you will be able to save a lot of time in post production as you will develop consistent quality images.

Preview of the un-censored Photoshoot with a centerfold  Photoshoot with a Centerfold Check it out now and enjoy! (NSFW)