Going for holidays and taking your camera to immortalize memories from all the places you visited? Hold on, I have few tips for you!

Wheather you are using your smart phone or super camera, you spend all your saving on, the quality of photo truly depends on two elements: composition and light.

Common mistake is to place your main subject in the middle of the photo. Try to get creative and photograph your subject off-center, this allows both the background and the subject to be portrayed and tell its own story.

Photography, like vision, is all about light. When taking a shoot always think about the source of light, wheather it is sun outdoor or electric light or candle indoor. Try to position yourself between the subject and the source of light and avoid having the source of light directly behing the subject. Flash may be very handy, but can also turn photos into blurry and unusable images. Try to use natural light whenever possible.

My tip for you today is to capture reflections, because sometimes splashes of colours can turn a photo into a masterpiece. It is not always the subject that needs to play the main role.

The below photo is an example how light and reflections can turn a simple image into a rainbow of colours and make it a great photo memory.

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 Location: Venice, Italy.