ShuttereyeImages black and white photos on sale! Check out the unique non published photos available now in the web shop.

Gallery called ‘Reflections’, is a series of black & white images, which were selected from the non published collection. A part of that unique collection was shown at Spur Gastropub in Seattle as a projected art slideshow. On top of that we have added the rare and well received prints of “The Monuments Men Extras”, shot in Berlin during the filming days of this motion picture with George Clooney, for your enjoyment!

Here you can browse thru the collection and purchase a glossy paper print or a fantastic sheet metal print. They come in many sizes and you can customize them as you wish. Some photos are rated: NSFW. That you know 😉

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Black & White Photography
Since the invention of the Kodachrome in 1935 we can enjoy the true color photography. And despite the technology progressing and giving us better and better equipment to reflect the reality, black and white photography hasn’t died. For many it is considered the purest form of photography.
Whether it is the contrast between the opposite colors, the subtle shading or rich palette of shades of grey, monochrome photography has its fans. It is often used for decorative purposes as connotes something classic and nostalgic. It has its charm, its allurement, and seems to never go out of fashion.