ShuttereyeImages presents Shoot the Centerfold session with Rali Ivanova

A teaser photo of Rali Ivanova was recently presented in the model poll and she grabbed the attention of many voters. Today Shuttereyeimages and Brian Lehmbecher present hereby some fresh edits of Rali!

During Shoot the Centerfold event in Miami as a photographer you have tons of possibilities to work with the crème de la crème. Brian Lehmbecher, one of my photographer friends and myself, had the possibility to work with many professional photo models and one of them was a fabulous model from Bulgaria, Europe – Rali Ivanova.

The lighting setup for this scene was organized by Jarmo Pohjaniemi, one of the main photographers who got published in Playboy Magazine US. The lighting for this set-up was provided by several Hensel strobe lights with various lightshapers (beautydish, softboxes). Now, Jarmo is lead of the Shoot the Centerfold crew and shows his techniques and model directing skills and shares his extensive glamour photoshoot experience with STC attendees. Jarmo is worldwide known for his high-end, multiple lights glamour-style photoshoot set-ups and this time even two gigantic theater follow lights (converted to stobes) were added to the photoshoot set 🙂 Now, this all will be shared with you who follow this photography blog and webpage. Don’t forget to subscribe! (See right column) 🙂

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Photos by B. Lehmbecher – Edit by Shuttereyeimages + blog.

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