And the Model of the month May 2015 is…

Brajoro ….

Brajoro is new in world of modeling, but he is going the extra mile as what was visible at the latest Chance Fashion show with the theme: Swimwear. Branjoro has the right amount of attitude to rock a show. Shuttereyeimages expects we are going to see definitely more from this male model.

Fashion (Buckle Trunks): Heidi Fish Designer Swimwear.

Photo was taken at Chance Swimwear Fashion show.

Model of the month - Brajoro click photo to enlarge.

More photos of Brajoro can be found here… enjoy!

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Brajoro is a 21 year old aspiring Male Model born and raised in Seattle, WA. Since making his debut as a runway model in the Menswear Show held back in March by Chance Fashion, he continues to augment his portfolio by participating in photo shoots and fashion walks collaborated with local talent. When he isn’t striking a pose, he enjoys spending time with family, reading comic books weekly, learning Japanese, living in video games, and striving to be a better Artist. He is currently working to walk in Chance Fashion’s 6 year anniversary show being held at Seattle Fashion Week.


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