As requested – more images from Shuttereyeimages from the last Shoot the Centerfold session in Miami

Last year, many photography friends asked me: “how was your Miami trip and what did you do there and when do we finally get to see the pics?” During the Shoot the Centerfold event in Miami,  I had  a possibility to do a photo shoot with Tayrn Walker, a gorgeous model from Florida.
The lighting setup was organized for this scene by Jarmo Pohjaniemi, one of the main photographers who published in Playboy Magazine for years. Now, Jarmo and Shoot the Centerfold crew members such as Ric Moore, Byron Newman and Aleš Bravničar want to give back to the fan’s who have admired their work over the years. It was all in all a very interesting event, where I was able to produce tons of photo material which could keep a photographer happy for months 😉 Now, this all will be shared with you, who follow this photography blog and webpage.

One of the photo session was done with Tayrn, the results you can see here.
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