Man has made his match…
Now it’s his problem.

Back in 2014 Shuttereyeimages was selected for Collaboration of the Month Award at Chance Fashion. As a result of this, Shuttereyeimages continued to work with fashion designer Mad Skwerll Designs to plan and execute a dark, edgy Mad-Max style photo shoot influenced by the epic movie Blade Runner from 1982.

Mad Skwerll Designs and Shuttereyeimages decided to source two ¬†experienced models, who would be a good fit for the so called “cyber punks” or “replicants” look ūüėČ Two great models were invited, the very talented Miss Merlot and Karleena Gore, who did do an excellent job at the scene.

The photo shoot was a tribute to Philip K. Dick, an American novelist, short story writer, essayist and philosopher. Now you are invited to check out one of the final images from this ultra epic Mad-Max photo shoot. Enjoy!


Rockstar - Shuttereyeimages - Mad Max - Mad Skwerll Designs - Chance Fashion


Now you can pose yourself the question: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

Collaboration project between:
Designer: Mad Skwrell Designs
Models: Miss Merlot & Karleena Gore
Photography: Shuttereyeimages

About the Chance Award
The Collaboration of the Month is given to one Model, one Photographer, and one Designer each month, based on their creative chemistry during the event. There was looked for Artists who exhibit a positive influence on the community around them, then an image was selected from the event that best represents a collaboration between those Artists at the show. These images are then printed on a business card, and distributed as promotional materials to new Artists interested in Chance. Awards were given at Macy’s department store in January 2015.

Photo results of this photo shoot can be found here: Photos from the Mad Max photo shoot