Images from Shoot the Centerfold seminar which took place in Miami.

This year Shoot The Centerfold had a great indoor and out door location, stunning models to work with and great photo shoot sets. For this event a truly spectacular venue was selected – the Temple House Studio in Miami.

Four renowned photographers: Jarmo Pohjaniemi, Byron Newman, Ales Bravnicar & Ric Moore, showed insight into Playboy style photography, their favorite lighting techniques, their own published works and state to the art photo shoot setups at the event. Gary Cole, who worked as Director of Photography for Playboy Enterprises, was available to review portfolios and explained what magazine editors mainly look for when photo sets get submitted for publication and how they can pass the stress test.

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Models featured in this gallery:
Karolina Wozniak
AJ Knapp
Dani Silva
Jerrica Zo Hermanson
Rali Ivanova
Jade Amber Williams
Jessica Jones
Ines Juranovič
Laura Fernandez
Irina Kazakova
Meadow Bosworth