Hard Light Photoshoot – playing with light and shadows

Hard light creates shadows with a sharp edge. There is a negligible transition from light to dark. Hard light is created by strongly focused light travelling from a small (or relatively small), single-point light source like the Sun, a focused beam of light, or an undiffused light bulb.

Hard light is found where the lighting is direct, undiffused, and is not bouncing or scattered by local objects or conditions. The flash on your camera is a hard light source. When direct and undiffused by clouds, the sun is also a hard light source. A hard light source is relatively small and/or large and distant.

The transition from light to dark gets progressively smaller as the light gets harder. Hard light creates harsh, sharp lines in the shadows with negligible or no transition from light to dark. Hard light is very suitable in editorial fashion modeling, where capturing drama instead of beauty is priority.

Hard light is more contrasty and unforgivable. In hard light, shadows have harder edges and greater definition. Subjects shot in hard light tend to look more three dimensional.

During one of the Nino Batista Glamour Masterclass the focus was on creating the high-end fashion look which is currently trending and we did this with a minimalistic photo studio lighting set-up. Here in this post you can check out my Hard Light photoshoot test images shot during the Batista Masterclass. During this photoshoot session I worked with Katerina Lovelace to generate the high-end studio images.

Hard Light Photoshoot with Katerina Lovelace – Photos by Shuttereyeimages – © All rights reserved 2016.

Jeremy Lebled for example shoots outdoors and not in studio to achieve his high-end editorial fashion look. The look is derived from the concept where the sun is the single source of light generating strongly focused (parallel sun rays) light with the final result hard shadows. With this workflow Lebled has eliminated the use strobes.

Check out the article Jeremy wrote about Why Use Studio Lights When You Can Use the Sun

The images were shot with a manual focus Nikon 85mm f/2 AI (1977-1995). The Nikon 85mm f/2 is a magnificent lens. The Nikon 85mm f/2 AI-s is compatible with every decent Nikon SLR ever made, from the original Nikon F of 1959 through today’s D810, D800, D3X, D3 , D700 and F6.

Nikon AI 85mm f2 Gallery

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