Hackathon Seattle

Hackathon Seattle

Ludum Dare (LD) (from Latin “to give a game” and also referenced the Jam) is an accelerated video game development competition. It was founded by Geoff Howland and was first held in April 2002. Participants are required to create a video game that fits within a given theme in just two days. Currently, Ludum Dare is held three times a year. Ludum Dare 34 was held 11 December 2015 and a 72 hour timespan was given. The nice side of Ludum Dare 34 Hackathon Seattle is that attendees with and without experience in making games, join their forces and collaborate.

Read the Hackathon reportage here and enjoy the Hackathon Seattle gallery below.

Award winning teams at Hackathon Seattle

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Single Game programmers Award Winners:

Team Game Programming Award Winners

Chronos VR Award Winner

Fan Favorite Reward

Other Game entries

Background information about the event.

The Rules: The Rules of Ludum Dare 34 and Dulum Dare main webpage Dulum Dare Webpage


Information source: Wikipedia & Ludum Dare