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Photography Infringement and Settlement

Photography Infringement and Settlement

Creative Works Infringement and Settlement Read the true story and find out how to fight for your rights!  As a photographer you shoot a ton of photos and often you don’t keep track of them. Then one day, you are confronted with the fact, that you see your work... read more

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Fashion Photoshoot – You Want It Darker

Shuttereyeimages Photography organized with the Syndicate a fashion photoshoot with both experienced and aspiring models. The theme of the session was: You want it darker. Inspired by the song and works of Leonard Cohen, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, novelist,... read more

Film Noir Skyscraper Photoshoot

Today, I am sharing with you some photos from the very recent Film Noir Skyscraper Photoshoot, that took place in the Smith Tower in Seattle, WA. Film Noir Photoshoot, allowing us voyeuring and capturing the mysterious life of Private Eyes, Superintendents, death... read more

Shuttereyeimages invites you to: The Paradise Challenge Open

Shuttereyeimages.com invites you to: THE PARADISE CHALLENGE OPEN   Special offer for Models, MUAs and Photographers connected to Shuttereyeimages.com ! 🙂 Join 50 of the world’s top international Models and Photographers in Jamaica sept 18 to 24 in an all... read more

Shuttereyeimages photo concept work featured in Playboy

Shuttereyeimages’ photo concept featured in Playboy Slovenia – July 2016 Edition!   Shuttereyeimages’ photo concept featured in Playboy Slovenia July edition with the photo of Jackie Kruz, sporting her black and white bikini and her 1959 vintage... read more

Shoot the Centerfold 2016 – First impressions

Shoot the Centerfold 2016 behind us! It was a great experience and an opportunity to meet and work with many creative and like-minded people. Shoot the Centerfold 2016 was organized at the Little River Studios Miami, where both interiors and outdoor sets were... read more

Model Poll – Rali Ivanova

ShuttereyeImages presents Shoot the Centerfold session with Rali Ivanova A teaser photo of Rali Ivanova was recently presented in the model poll and she grabbed the attention of many voters. Today Shuttereyeimages and Brian Lehmbecher present hereby some fresh edits... read more

Shoot the Centerfold session with Dani Silva

Result of model poll – ShuttereyeImages presents Shoot the Centerfold session with Dani Silva Dani Silva got most votes in the latest Shuttereyeimages Model Poll so hereby some fresh edits! In the next post we will see Rali Ivanova featured 🙂 Last year I... read more


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