AMDEF 2016 – the 9th annual Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment, Fashion show took place on 17th of September in Neumos, Seattle.


AMDEF 2016 is Seattle’s mash-up of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion. This time the event took place at the Crystal Ball Reading Room knows as Neumos. Every year AMDEF shows a unique collaboration between artistic community.
By challenging talents from different creative genre’s to work together, a diligent process of pairing them and providing with the resources,  results in a unique final performance. It also strengthens the artistic community and exposes, both artist and the audience to new mediums of entertainment.

The event is organized by Ryan Muller, who made again a phenomenal effort to get together fashion designers, dancers, models, musicians, DJs, sound technicians, gaffers, MUAs and photographers for the 2016 edition!

AMDEF is Ryan’s flagship event that has its continuation in the Chance Fashion, which is the longest running monthly fashion event in the United States.

Fashion designers showing their latest fashion creations:

  • CC Connections
  • Raveology 101
  • Moon Flower
  • Cannaflage Designs
  • BubbleGunk
  • Backpack Girl Bikinis
  • Paper Dollz Clothing
  • Simply Sarenia
  • Uphoria
  • Kahini Kreative
  • PunkRockHippie LA
  • Viva Lu Chi

Check out the photo gallery of AMDEF 2016 here below: 

Photography by: 2016


See the video here or click image below.

AMDEF in the local news

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Recap story by Chance Fashion: AMDEF 2016: Melting the Freeze

More about AMDEF’s history and its program you can find here: AMDEF Program



Performance schedule AMDEF 2016:

ACT 1: A collaborative runway showcase presented by Chance Fashion featuring DeLoach Wear, E’Mit, Anastacia LeVasseur, Charity Rosalind, and Viva Lu Chi.

ACT 2: Sideshow performance by Wreckless Freeks & Little Bear the Bearded Lady with fashion provided by Raveology 101 & Moon Flower and a dance routine by Revv O’hare.

ACT 3: Psychedelic punk band Flames of Durga (Los Angeles) featuring body piercing by Pitbull Suspension.

ACT 4: Experimental hip hop / rock band Speaker Minds (Portland) featuring a drag performance by Jackie Hell and belly dancing by Lacey Lonning, all dressed by Cannaflage Designs (Medford) with a featured runway showcase.

ACT 5: Hip hop artist Yak Nasty that Nilla & the Northwest Weirdoz collaborates with performing artists Zinck & Ashley Burton, all dressed by BubbleGunk with a featured runway showcase.

ACT 6: Hip hop artist Billy the Fridge collaborates with a burlesque performance by Ms. Audrey Rugburn, pole dancing by Marie Dolphin, and world renowned pole dancer Pantera Blacksmith, both dressed by Backpack Girl Bikinis.

ACT 7: EDM rapper Paradame collaborates with Afterglow Aerial Arts & a runway showcase by Paper Dollz Clothing.

ACT 8: Break beat DJ Dot Diggler collaborates with a Bollywood vs. belly dance battle by Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti, accessorized by Ravishing Marketplace, with a featured runway showcase by Raveology 101.

ACT 9: House music DJ David Turner collaborates with burlesque performer Maggie McMuffin, dressed by Simply Sarenia, a body suspension performance by Red X Roper, and a runway showcase by IDGAF & Epiphany Rose.

ACT 10: Martini & Wax presents a live house music with instrumentalists Phil Pilon, vocalists Katrina Kope and Eric Blu, all dressed by Uphoria collaborating with burlesque by Maggie McMuffin, K-Pop performance by The Dreamers, dressed by Kahini Kreative, and a runway showcase by Uphoria.

AMDEF 2017