Sport photos are a real challenge for photographers, they capture powerful images of dedicated athletes, their determination and passion.

I had the opportunity to work on a sports editorial photoshoot with Suzana, a very dedicated and diligent sports woman. Purpose of the sports photoshoot was to create an appealing series of sports action images to illustrate sport activity. Besides that I wanted to showcase the beauty, power and the dynamics of the sportswoman (and now also model) 😉 .

After a photo review together with the model I selected the favorite photo from the photoshoot. The selected photo was submitted to the One Model Place “2015 Beauty in Action Photography Contest”.

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Preview the sport photos in the “Beauty in Action” contest  OMP Beauty in Action Check it out now and enjoy!

Sports and Action photography is all about timing. Its about reacting. Its about being in the right place at the right time and its about execute. These are all qualities of the athlete and those of the photographer as well. Each sport has predictable and unpredictable moments. Under “Knowing your Sport”, you will learn about these moments for individual sports. For instance, in basketball, you will have opportunities to photograph layups, jump shots, free throws, etc. Understanding the timing of these predictable actions allows you to capture the peak moment, when the action is most dramatic.