This is My Story

After growing up in the Netherlands I studied and worked in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. As the Dutch are known to be an exploring nation for centuries, I have to admit, that I am also affected with the need to explore new places and try to capture those locations on the image sensor of my camera. I have visited some interesting places on the planet, saw the wonders of nature and human craft, stunning landscapes and astonishing architecture.

Soon, I felt the urge to catch some of those places and moments, at first for myself to preserve the memories and then more and more to share the beauty of the world with other people who were not so fortunate to witness it themselves. What was a hobby or a passion at first, soon became a muse of my creativity.


As I was looking through the photos, which I made in the recent years, I decided to release a selection of photo work and share it with you on this website. Each of those photos is important to me, marks the time and place to which I traveled. I hope by sharing them with you, you will be joining me in this journey.

Technically I like to capture stuff that is either rigidly fixed to earth or has all six degrees of freedom. Also important to me is that an image I make tells a story or drives your imagination. I consider myself more and more as an image maker than a random photographer.

Hereby, I invite you to linger around and to navigate through my website loaded with a diverse range of photo themes. On top of that, just feel free to share this webpage within your network. When there is a photo or photos you would like to use or to license for certain purposes or see chances for creative projects or collaborations you should not hesitate to contact me.